Late at night. It is two in the morning and I just woke up. In five hours I head across town to the hospital. I have already learned that it is not a good idea to just lie there and think, so I am up and sitting in front of my computer.

I am starting to get responses to my blog. This is a good thing.

Favorite responses so far…”we walk with you during the days to come”, You are so brave & i am so proud of you “, “Perfect first installment.  What a good idea!  Be in touch tomorrow if you can. I love you so much” and even “well that sucks”.

Least favorite response so far…” Is there some hope for remission?  Is there a chance of seeing you next summer in WH? “ (I mean really…if there was no hope for remission would I be heading over to Sloan Kettering in the morning?)

Only positive, helpful or funny responses are allowed! My doctor and his team have the job of making me healthy and I have the job of keeping a positive outlook.