Day 1

A long day. Thank you Michael for helping me through it.

My first day:

1.Cab ride to hospital (No Michael, we are not taking the bus.)

2.Insurance stuff (Do we have right the referral?)

3. Blood work (yuck)

4. Meet my team. One really nice Doctor and several equally nice assistants and nurses. (Actually this was the roughest part of the day. Lots of information…some of which I really did not want to hear.)

5.Bone marrow biopsy. (Wait, didn’t I just get one last week.)

6. More blood work (One starts to get used to it.)

7. Scary thing put in arm. (Which it seems will be replaced tomorrow by a bigger scary thing.)

8. Wheel chair ride to hospital wing. (Sort of fun, I guess.)

9.Pre admittance work up. (They take yet MORE blood…I am starting to suspect that this place is staffed by vampires.)

10. Chest x-ray (Enough all ready.)

11. Finally, I go to the leukemia  floor and get to see my room (Which turns out to be really nice, with a window and everything !  No roommate yet.)

12. Michael and Matthew leave. (I forgot to mention that Matthew brought  last weeks bone marrow over from Roosevelt Hospital.)

13. REALLY nice nurses give me lots of useful information (i.e. 14 laps around the ward =one mile.)

14. Great dinner (spring roll, boneless short ribs, mashed potato, asparagus with lemon, rice pudding, ginger ale…and I eat it all!)

15.Hooked up to a pole on wheels, which several nurses tell me will become my “best friend”. (Seems we’ll be hanging out together 24/7.)

16. Vital signs checked. (actually they come at 10:00, 2:00 and 6:00 day and night. soooo…)

I better go to bed and try  get some sleep. They will be back in 4 hours.