Go Chemo Go: Rah, Rah, Rah

This is my room. Not to shabby. My room is on 12th floor, where everyone has leukemia. It is a very nice room. I have a high tech bed which not only goes up and down but also vibrates, which is a good thing. I have a great view looking west toward my home on the Upper West Side.

Last night I started the Chemo. I get Daunorubicin for three days and and Cytarabine for five days after which my immune system will be shot and my hair will fall out (bummer). You can read about these drugs on-line, but I doubt you will. On the first night my blood pressure dropped and I woke up around 2:00am feeling week and tingly. By morning, thankfully, I  was my old self ready to face the day.

Maggie will come and help cut off most of my hair when the time is right. Is this one of those mother/daughter bonding things?

The drug cocktails which I get are specially prepared for my by my team (henceforth known as Team Mary). I thank them in advance for their efforts.

See that tall thing in the middle of the room. I am told that he is going to be “my new best friend”. He follows me everywhere…across my room, on my laps in the hall,  even into  the bathroom. I have therefore decided to name him Stalker.

Stalker Gets a Dream Catcher

The best thing that happened today is that I went to a Dream Catcher Workshop on the 15th floor  and learned how to make a dream catcher. It seems the strings catch your dreams while the nightmares slip through the hole in the middle. Stalker will carry my dream catcher along with the drugs which will enter my body and make we well. Thank you Stalker.

More stuff happened today, some good, some sad, but I really must get some sleep.

And so to bed, perchance to dream…