So, I ask my son Matthew if he has read my blog. Yes, he says, but why did I call it “And so it goes”. I tell him I just picked it because it sounded familiar and it struck me as a good title. No particular reason really.
He then proceeds to tell me that this sentence was used by the main character in Kurt Vonnegut’s  Slaughter House Five…every time someone dies.
Well that’s just great…
Now the question is, do I change the title.
Haven’t yet decided, but I think not. And so it goes…
More Stuff
A nurse arrives in the afternoon to put a picc in my arm so that  I can start chemotherapy in the morning. I am getting used to being poked and prodded, so this is no bit deal…that is until she insists on giving me the details. She intends to snake a tube up a vein in my arm all the way to my heart. Yet another example of too much knowledge being maybe not such a great thing. Luckily, I am able to watch TV during the procedure. More luckily still, there is a movie on about King Arthur (remember that quote from The Once and Future King at the very beginning of this blog). Together the good king and I see it through with dignity. The reality of the procedure is not really that bad, truth be told, but I feel VERY brave indeed.
 Yet More Stuff: a Richly Deserved Reward 
The  inserting  of the Picc ends and in walks the resident massage therapist who just  who just happened to be in the corridor. She offers to give me a foot massage.  Sweet! Thus is my bravery rewarded!