My First Thank You

This is Ronnie. Her computer is the Apple on the left. My computer is the PC on the right. Here at Sloan-Kettering it seems that the Firefox, which Matthew put on my computer, will not open my G Mail. This was a problem as I live through my G Mail. For several days Ronnie was checking my account with her Apple from her home in New Jersey and forwarding it to my Yahoo account…which was  a pain, but a lot better then not getting my mail at all (Thank you Ronnie). Finally, when she came to visit we somehow determined that she could load Safari onto my PC, and thus allow me to get directly to my G Mail. And wiz that she is, this was accomplished. (Again, Thank You Ronnie)

Ronnie is also one of the people who told me to get my butt over to Sloan-Kettering. Roosevelt Hospital is fine for some stuff, but for cancer, this is the place to be. Ronnie’s daughter Becky was cured here several years ago so Ronnie really knows her stuff (Yet again, Thank You Ronnie).

I am grateful for her good advice and help and for all she will be doing to help me through this in the months to come.

Friendship, thy name is Ronnie.

So You Want To Visit Me In the Hospital?

It seems I have more friends then I knew. Some of you (Hi Peggie!) have dropped by. Others say they want to come. While there are some people I would love to see in person, too many visitors is maybe not great idea, and in this age of Skype really not necessary. My address is mary.stetten.carson.  A virtual Mary is better then no Mary at all. And there are no germs  My immune  system is gradually (and temporarily) shutting down,so this is no time for a party.

So sign up for Skype and get it touch. It’s  almost as good as really being there, and it’s free! Sooo…I look forward to seeing some of your beautiful faces in the very near future. Shoot me an e-mail if you want to cyber-visit.

Snail Mail

My current address is…

Mary Carson

Room 1232

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

1275 York Ave.

New York, NY 10065

though computer communication works fine for me.

Please no flowers (not allowed) or food (they feed me too much already) . If you want to send a funny card I guess I can’t stop you…but really, e-mail works for me.