How’s it Going

First of all if you must have this rotten disease, this is the place to be. It is full of the most amazing, compassionate people.

The night before last I had to deal with nausea for the first time. It is what I have most been dreading about this whole thing. Luckily, after several late night rings, I got a medicine which both helped with the nausea and put me to sleep. Thank goodness for people who work at night.

Today the nausea was under control, more or less. but I felt pretty weak and just plain down. This afternoon I got a bag of someones blood (thank you someone). So now I am not nauseous  and feeling stronger , if a bit depressed. I must say, sitting here writing is a good thing. Soon I will go to bed feeling I have accomplished something.

Some Good Stuff

1. Ronnie came and helped me  to figure out my new I Pad..or at least start to figure it out.

2. Michael brought a goody bag of useful stuff (old Tee Shirts with bull clips to hold them together etc.).

3. Matthew helped with computer issues such as reducing the font size when for no clear reason it went gigantic. (I guess the PhD was useful after all)

4. Gail’s bag of silly hats arrived. My hair is just starting to fall out. Did you know the gray goes first? I think I can deal with this. The Dream Catcher Earrings I made yesterday in the recreation center will look very dramatic with the bald head.

So now I will drink the last of my melted Haagen Dazs and go to bed. There is still a lot to be grateful for.