1. Slept well, thanks in part to Ambian…or whatever the hell they gave me.

2. Breakfast. Feeling OK so went for a spinach omelet and a bagel. I asked for waffles to go with the omelet, but it seems that is not possible. My complaining did no good …so a bagel it was.

3. After rounds with the cute doctors, it was off to the Recreation Room for Woodworking, where I glued together a tissue box and then decoupaged it with photos from the art folder. I included a painting of Ann Boleyn, a personal favorite. I believe that my tissue box is unique in all the world.

4. Visit from Michael, who had me sign all sorts of papers. He is my hero! Matthew is working with a headhunter,  so he might soon be gainfully employed in the near future!

5. Took a well earned nap.

6. THE WATER IS FINALLY SAFE so I took a shower! Heavenly, after a week of moist wipes. I even washed my hair (for maybe the last time (sigh).

7. Had a cat scan as part of some cancer research thing. I like to think my father would be proud of me.

8. Skyped with Maggie. She was sitting in front of a house in Raleigh, Virginia getting eaten by bugs. Tomorrow Spirit Family records and then they head back to Brooklyn. Skype seems as close to magic as anything I know.

8. Big dinner. Write and rewrite this blog (The computer ate it yet again even though I hit “save” about a million times…really I did.)

9. Take the Ambian and I off to dreamland.