SMALL CLOCK (battery): I can’t see the clock from my bed
A BED LAMP (mine is a clip on desk lamp) which I control form my bed
one or two EXTENSION CORDS: for all your gadgets
BIG, SOFT TEE SHIRTS: to split on one side (I’ll explain later)
BIG SOFT SCARF (again, I’ll explain later)
BULL CLIPS (for holding together the tee shirts and scarfs)
BRUSH and COMB ( to use until not longer needed)
blunt kid’s SCISSORS (they have come in handy)
NAIL CLIPPERS (0nly for nails: not cuticles!)
small cloth BAG (to hang on your pole)
I PAD or the like (store in BAG when you leave your room)
your LAP TOP (with a Skype account on it)
CROCS (a good option to hospital socks)
LANYARD for CELL PHONE (so you can hang it from your pole)
CAMERA and CHARGER (if you think you might use it)
small spiral bound NOTE BOOK (for recording stuff)
POST UMS (they just come in handy)
FILE FOLDER (for the stuff the give you)
favorite TEA (I like YOGI CLASSIC INDIA SPICE with milk and sugar (try it)
favorite COOKIES and CANDY (the menu gets old fast)
tub of CHICLETS STYLE CHEWING GUM (I like peppermint)
VASELINE and a Flattering shade of LIPSTICK (so you can look pretty)
well written junk NOVEL ( have you read the OUTLANDER series-well written and very hot)
PHOTOS of family etc (for the bulletin board) It gives you something to look at while they take blood.
Pretty,soft, light weight BLANKET (mine is dark green)
favorite PILLOWS and soft, colorful cases) Hospital white gets old fast.
   note:You can lean the hospital pillows against the wall and cover them with the pretty blanket to make a nice day   people notice how cool your room looks.
spare GLASSES (check out EYE BUY DIRECT- very cheap prescription glasses on-line)
A SKYPE account for you and your friends (VERY IMPORTANT! more on this later)
Patience, good manners and a sense of humor
This list is subject to change….so keep checking. I also intend to add illustrations so you don’t get board.