If it’s not one thing, it’s another…
Last night my cell phone would not go on or take a charge (it went on, but only for a second when plugged in. I tried replugging several times, but the exact same thing kept happening. So I took out off the back, removed the battery and lay it open overnight, just in case it was a moisture issue. ( Like when I dropped my last phone in the toilet)

This morning,with fingers crossed (not literally), I put it back together and the exact same thing happened. It will not take a real charge and will not turn on,
HELP!Michael, maybe if it is really dead, they can transfer my information to your phone and you can get that new one you are overdue to get. Maggie, maybe you can walk him through this. Matthew, maybe you can do some clever, useful thing.
Anyway, if you try to call and don’t get through, please know I am not ignoring you.
This is very,very,very,very FRUSTRATING. So all advice and help will be much appreciated.
Anyone solving this problem gets a special reward, to be made in woodworking class today (yes, you have to accept it)