Two Creative Alternatives

The problem with hospital gowns is that they are:

1. Very complicated to put on. (They make you feel stupid.)

2. Made of rough cotton. (They feel bad against your skin.)

3. Open in the back. (So your butt sticks out.)

4. The snaps often don’t snap (What’s up with that?)

5. One of the ties is often missing. ( Were they designed by the Marque de Sade?)

6.White with an ugly pattern. ( REALLY ugly…I kid you not.)

7. All exactly the same. ( If this was the army there might be some sense in that.)

8.Really depressing (Just when you need to feel good about yourself.)


I am starting a movement whose rallying cry is DOWN WITH THE GOWN !


There are many alternatives. ( Remember your arm is hooked up to these hose things)

My two so far are…

1. The big, old, soft, tee shirt (Thank you Michael), slit down the side from under the arm down to the lower hem. I hold mine together with tiny bull clips, but masking tape, velcro, snaps would also work.

2. The soft shawl with a head hole cut into it. I use those shawls you buy for $5 on the street.