Not Geat News

Yesterday I got the word from my Doctor and my team that based on the results of the bone marrow test, I require a second round of chemo. Here are the facts in their simplest and shortest form.

The first round of chemo took the leukemia cell count from  50 precent down to 32 precent. Some improvement, but nowhere near the 5 precent they need to see. Soooo…I now will have much stronger chemo  ( I was getting 700mg of cytarabine now I will be getting 15 thousand mg. Ronnie just informed me that this is about 20 times stronger). I get this for 3 hours per day for the next 5 days.

I cried some and felt sorry for myself, but then I picked myself up, followimg Merlin’s wise advice (see first page of this blog to get the reference) and got on with my life.

Very Good Day

Maggie stopped at the Evelyn H. Lauder Breast Center, which is two blocks from here and selected three FREE “recycled” wigs. She then came here and cut my hair. Below is a photo of THE BIG CUT. It actually was a pretty special thing, for me and, I hope , for her as well.