And So it Goes (My Hair That Is) 

A little while ago my wonderful nurse Paul came and buzzed off the last of my hair. The hair which Maggie left was starting to itch and fall out, so I just felt  that it was time. I am now officially bald!

 Paul was beyond wonderful. As he ran the electric razor over my head (Which actually felt tingly and nice) he spoke about why I had made the right decision.
 Basically, he said that since I find myself in a situation where all the decisions are made for me, it is  empowering to be able to make this one myself. Furthermore, when my hair does start to grow again, it will be a kind of rebirth…new beginning.
 After finishing, Paul lay down his razor and went into the bathroom. I could hear the water running for a long time, and I thought he was just doing a super careful job of washing his hands. Suddenly, I feel this wonderfully warn wash cloth being gently placed on my freshly shaved head. I must say it was a magical moment. (Think Japanese restaurant hot towels, but on top of your bald head).
Paul and I have decided that he should open a barber shop and call it Buzz and Therapy
Thank you Paul.