Here’s What Happened…

Yesterday, a very nice nurse suggested that my buddy Debbie and I sign up for the weekly Look Good, Feel Better Program in the Recreation Room on the 15th floor. (Let me make it clear that this program is NOT part of the regular craft program, which I love, but some outside program which uses the space.) I hardly wear makeup, but I figured it might be an entertaining way to kill an hour. So, at 2:00 this afternoon we headed for the elevators.
 When we got to the Recreation Room we found a table prepared with pretty bags and several ladies clearly prepared to “make us over”. The lady who was in charge told us where to sit and instructed us to remove our masks so they could, presumably, show us how to apply their makeup. This is when things started to go sour. The “Look Good” ladies were not wearing masks and clearly intended to move in close to us and help up apply the makeup.
 I informed the head lady that I as I had just completed my second round of chemo, I basically had no immune system and I would like to keep my mask on, even if this meant just sitting and observing the class. (I think I said it very nicely).

note: It is strict policy for patients with weak immune systems to wear a mask everywhere but in their room. When I am in my room, anyone entering the room (nurses, doctors, husbands…ANYONE) must wear a mask. When I am not in the room I must always wear a mask (even in the Recreation Room) Makes sense, right?

SO… (here is where it really gets weird) this head lady informs me that the removing mask thing is OK because the” hospital has said it is OK” and if I do not choose to remove my mask I must leave the table and I will not even be permitted to observe the class (I mean can you believe it?)

At this point I sort of lost it and stormed out (trembling with righteous indignation). It took me a good 45 minutes to calm down. Matthew, my wise nurse of the day, told me I should consider calling the lady at Patient Concerns (or whatever it is called), which I eventually did do. A sweet women from the Recreation Room came down to speak with me…but not a word from the Look Good, Feel Better lady.

Seriously, I think the program should be completely overhauled, starting with a major attitude change. (It is supposed to be about the patient not the ladies’ egos) or they should change their name to Look Painted, Feel Humiliated Program. Final note: If I was designing their program it would include a lot less make up and a lot more, skin care, nail care and most importantly how to tie a beautiful head scarf (A lady in the coffee room showed me how. It really does look great and is much more comfortable the the scratchy, hot wigs).

So…there it is. What do you think kind reader.