After All My Complaining, Some Constructive Ideas
Yesterday I told you about the “outrage on the 15th floor”. You’ll be glad to know that I have calmed down a bit and am ready for the next step, which is to rethink the whole program from the ground up.
I propose the the program be renamed  Here’s Looking At You Kid!  (or something to that effect).
I will now list a few ideas for my program. (Maybe I’ll even make a proposal to the American Cancer Society.)
1. Mastering the Head Scarf:  How to wind a long scarf around your head to make a beautiful and very artistic head wrap. A women I met in the coffee room showed me how to do it and it looks gorgeous. I get lots of complements and have since taught several fellow patients the technique.
2. Creating Alternatives to the Hospital Gown: (see my blog entry: Down With the Gown)
3. Skin Care Made Easy: Dry hospital air and chemo tend to dry out your skin.  Personally, I am a fan of Ponds Cold Cream. It works just a well as the expensive stuff and does not smell funny.
4.Lip Care: A stick of lightly tinted moisturizing lip gloss would feel nice and add a touch of color.
5. Basic Nail Care: I was told not to bring nail scissors to the hospital because cutting cuticles can cause infection. Filing and buffing makes more sense and is very satisfying.
Everyone would leave the workshop with a cloth bag suitable for hanging from their IV Pole. (Very useful for carrying stuff as you travel around the halls.) The bag would contain the following “goodies”:
*a cotton head scarf
*some Ponds cold cream
* a tube of tinted moisturizing lip gloss
* a nail file, a nail buffer and cuticle cream
In the Here’s Looking at You Kid Program the opinions of the patients would ALWAYS be respected and NO ONE would EVER be told (or even asked) to remove their face mask!
Now it is your turn….please contribute your ideas and suggestions.