The most important things in my life at this particular time

1.My Medical Team (otherwise known as Team Mary), my Nurses and the whole wonderful Staff at MSK: I trust them. They are a group of smart, dedicated, compassionate people who are working together to make me well. I feel comfortable with their decisions and will do exactly what they say. This brings great peace of mind and leaves me free to concentrate on other things, such as….
2. Writing My Blog: I am surprised at how important this has become to me. Putting thoughts into words is a challange and I am frankly quite proud of what I have accomplished so far. I wonder, however if I will be able to keep it up. Monday will be four weeks…what if I run out of things to say?
3. The Recreation Room: I will devote a whole post to this wonderful place. The craft projects and the unexpected encounters with the people who pass through has been very important part of keeping me from slipping into a serious depression. 
4. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner: Again, I will devote a whole post to the meals. Right now I will only say that the food in this hospital is actually really good and an important part of my recovery.
5.The New York Times On Line: I wake up at 4:00 in the morning and would go crazy if not for that first cup of coffee and the Times on line. I spend a good two hours with the New York Times and am getting very smart and well informed. ( I now have opinions about everything.)
6. My New I Pad: Great for reading the Times (see #5), Netflix  movies, email, skyping and watching Jon Stewart (see #7).   
7. Jon Stewart (on line): He makes me laugh, which they say is the best medicine. I guess that makes him a member of my team.
8, Unsalted Almonds, Raisins and Ginger Chews from the Ginger People: This is my “go to” snack when I am reading the New York Times at 4:00 in the morning. If you have not tried the Ginger Chews, do yourself a favor (Fairways-upstairs).
9. My New Friends: So very important. We help each other through the rough patches and share some pretty sweet times together. We laugh, we cry, we walk the halls together. It is amazing a quickly strangers from very different  backgrounds can grow to care  so deeply about each other. It has been one of the most positive parts of this whole experience.
10. Michael, Matthew and Maggie: However I put it, it sounds corny, but you three continue to remind me again and again and again that in this beautiful, wonderful, amazing world, love is the most beautiful, wonderful, amazing  thing of all.