On Feeling Sick

My posts have given the impression that it is not so bad being stuck at Sloan Kettering with Leukemia, and to be honest it has been OK. This hospital is so well run and the people here are so nice and helpful that it is possible to put oneself on autopilot and glide through the days and weeks rather pleasantly. Not wanting to leave you feeling like the little girls in that famous children’s book Madeline Goes to the Hospital ( ” and all the little girls cried out boo-hoo. We want to have our appendix out too.) I offer yesterday,,,
The night night before last and yesterday were not fun.
Let me first reassure you that at the moment I feel fine. I ate some dinner (one hard boiled egg and part of a baked potato and a bit of overly sweet cheesecake), brushed my teeth (extra soft toothbrush) and am settling in for a (hopefully) long sleep.
 The night before last, however, started with a bout of self pity followed by a headache, followed by the dreaded nausea. After feeling miserable for several hours I ended up throwing up into the garbage pail. Finally the anti nausea medicine kicked it and I got a little sleep and woke up feeling pretty good.
Unfortunately the whole stupid series of events happened again in the afternoon. Luckily, they tried a different medicine (an under the tongue fizzy thing) and it worked really well.
So now I am feeling OK and looking forward to a quiet night.
I’ll keep you posted.
update: Had a great night and woke up feeling chipper!