Consciousness, Empathy, Self and Wisdom 

Empathy is an essential requirement for any physician. Also note that empathy and altruism are characteristics of a “wise physician”. At a time when patients think that physicians value technology more and do not truly understand their suffering, it is important to re-establish the value of empathy in patient-physician relationship. (DeWitt Stetten, a brilliant physician- scientist said that his ophthalmologists were interested in “vision”, not in his blindness). Patients are more likely to comply with treatment regimes when they feel that their physician is empathic. They are more likely to feel comforted and supported by an empathic physician.    


A Practical Manual

by Balu H Athreya (Alfred I duPont Hospital for Children, USA)


I share this quote as the proud daughter of Dr. DeWitt Stetten Jr. He would be very pleased that his wise words are still out there, thanks to the internet.
                                                                                           Mary STETTEN Carson