Surprising Follow Up to “Outrage on the 15th Floor

For those of you who have not been paying attention (shame on you), exactly one week ago I attended the Look Good  Feel Better Program which was offered by the American Cancer Society in the Recreation Room on the 15th floor. None of the people who were running the program were wearing masks and I was told that I must remove my mast (so they could teach me how to apply lipstick or I would have to leave the table. As I have no immune system at present, and have been told that I should only remove my mask in the safety of my own room, this seemed like a silly and even dangerous thing to ask of me. Anyway, I refused to remove my mask, the  head lady did not back down, and I ended up storming out of the room in a fine state if righteous anger.
Once back in my room I told my story to anyone who would listen, blogged about it, filled in a rather nasty survey of the program with the American Cancer Society and finally complained to the nurse who had recommended the program in the first place, She was so furious, she immediately contacted the head of the Infectious Deceases, who it seems was even furiouser. (yes, I know this is not a word)
The upshot was that the lady running the whole nation wide program (who was the very lady who kicked me out) is now being asked to step down! (It seems I cannot take all the credit, as there have been other complaints.) I stopped by to observe this week’s session from across the room, the lady was still there but she was no longer leading the program. 
Let this be a lesson for the Occupy Wall Street protesters….it is possible for the little guy(s) to fight and WIN.