Actually, I go home today for one or two weeks, and this is very good news. (I am so looking forward to a soak in the tub.)

The not so good news is that I have not yet gotten rid of all the leukemia cells and will need to return to the hospital for an third round of chemo, and another hospital stay. After that, if all goes well, I will receive a bone marrow transplant from my sister Nancy (who it seems is is a perfect match). 
I have decided that I may take a break from my blog just as I am taking a break from the hospital. How often I write will depend on how I feel when I am home and if I have anything significant (or funny) to report. Those of you who signed up to FOLLOW my blog may still be hearing from me…we shall see. Tomorrow, as they say,is another day, and I choose to leave my options open.
In the meantime, thank you for reading my words. Knowing you are out there has meant so very, very much to me as I have stumbled through the past five and a half weeks.
To my city friends…yes, you may drop by for a visit. (as long as you are not ill). I may even offer you a cup fo tea.
I plan will stick pretty close to home and when I go out I think I will wear a mask. However, a nice Fall walk on the streets of my beloved Upper West Side or into Central Park, in the company of an old friend, would be a great joy.
So…please get in touch. My home phone is: 212-787-1215.
This decoupage (by yours truly) expresses a lot of what I feel about my cancer experience so far…
Mary Stetten Carson
author, artist, teacher and lover of life