On Wednesday I went with my sister Gail for a follow up visit to my doctor at Sloan Kettering. We discussed the possible new types chemo I might receive when I checked into the hospital on the following Tuesday. After this rather depressing conversation, he did yet another bone marrow biopsy.

On Thursday, my friend Lisa visited and took me to a lovely lunch at a local Italian restaurant. When we returned to the apartment there was a message on my answering machine from my doctor. He said to call him back because the results from Wednesday’s biopsy were “surprising and quite good” and that they “may alter our plans quite a bit”.

With Lisa standing by, I called him back.

 It seems:

1. The Tuesday biopsy showed my leukemia cell count had dropped to 1%. This was a BIG surprise. (Less the 5%means I am going into remission!)
2. I no longer need to go to the hospital on Tuesday.
3. I can stay at home until after Thanksgiving and will only need to check in with him once a week.
4. After Thanksgiving, I will enter the hospital for a final round of chemo, which will kill off any remaining cancer cells.
5.  In January, my sister Nancy (who is the sibling with the prefect match) will come to New York to donate her healthy marrow.
6. After the bone transplant, which will require another fairly long hospital stay, I will be CURED!

This, at least, is the plan.

So, all in all it has been a great few days.

Keep you posted….but things are looking up.


Me in my new wig feeling pretty damn good.